Monday, November 18, 2013

November. Short Update.

Top: Zara
Bottom: Roxy
Shoe: Topshop
Bag: CR2
Collar: Sungei Wang

My first attempt of this style. Bf said I look better with this kind of style. LOL…
Personally I can accept all kind of styles, I don't mind to try anything. WHAT DO YOU THINK? OK? NO? Anyways…….I will keep trying different styles. Couple days ago, a friend of mine asked me to become a fashion blogger. Hmm…I'll take this as a thought :D 

Here is another occasion. This is my second photo shooting for Queen Magazine 女人我最大. It's Jan & Feb issue. So, please grab one copy when it's release ya! PS: Mina Malaysia December issue will have Yuth and me, please support too! 

Hairstylist of the day.

Make up artist from Laura Mercier. 

This is just a short update about my current life. 

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A bitten Apple by God.

There was a blind man , who was worried and depressed for his physical defect when he was a child . He firmly believed that God must have punished him , so he thought all his life was a failure . Later , a teacher helped him and said , “ Every person in the world is a bitten apple by God , we are all defective people . Someone had been bitten harder , because his fragrance is God’s favorite .” He was encouraged . From then on , he regarded his blindness as God’s special dotage . He rose with force and spirit , and he began to challenge his fate . A few years later , he became a famous master of blind massage . He spared many sick people from pain , and his achievements were written in local textbooks of primary school .

We considered the defect of life as “ A bitten apple by God ” . The sort of thread is very peculiar , even though it’s spirit of ‘ A Q ’ that is self-appreciation .

There are three greatest and strangest geniuses in the history of the world culture —— the famous literature  Milton was blind ; the great musician Beethoven was deaf ; the talented violin player Parkenini was mute . If we made an inference from the theory of “ the bitten apple by God ” , they must have been bitten hard because they’re God’s favorite .

God is so gluttonous that he will bite whoever he meets . Everyone has defects —— some are born with the defects ; some are formed later . You can neither refuse nor remedy a defect . And then , you have to keep calm and face it unhurriedly . I still live staunchly even if you bit me . We don’t give in to the manipulation of the fate . We should be the masters of ourselves .

God is too niggard to give a person all benefits , he may give you good looks instead of wisdom , money instead of health , talent instead of opportunities …. You shouldn’t complain or give yourself up hopelessly when you come across something unlucky . And the top way is what the teacher told us——We are all bitten apples by God . I was bitten hard because I was God’s preference .

I feel my energy have restore after I read this. Be positive. Who knows you are the chosen one or not. 
(Repost from internet)  

Monday, September 24, 2012

My birthday is coming soon!!!

I'm back.
It's end of Sep now and my birthday is coming soon. Oh Yeah!
This is  My last '19' and I'm going to be 20+ soon.
I'm so excited because it's also my 1st anniversary with Joemia.
And of course, I'm feeling sad because I'm turning 20..which means I will become 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26 27 28 29 and even 30 years old !!! ><'' I really can't afford to think about it 'The Future Ages'.
But when the time comes, there is nothing I can do anymore, only accept 'the TRUTH' that I'm getting older, that's all.

       NO EMO
           NO TEARS